Volunteers Needed for All Hallows' Eve

This Halloween, the cathedral will present the All Hallows’ Eve liturgy and tour for the third year in a row. This event continues to bring hundreds of guests through a “haunted” tour around the cathedral and grounds.

Volunteers are needed in many capacities: to help set up and decorate the different stations that guests will travel through, to serve as ushers and guides, and to play different characters in each scene. There is something for everyone!

Sunday, October 27, starting at 1pm: Decorating and preparing set pieces
Wednesday, October 30, starting at 1pm: More decorating around the grounds
Thursday, October 31 starting at 4pm: Set-up needed, make-up and costuming for actors, rehearsal for actors

If you are interested in participating in any capacity, please e-mail Kris Vieira at kris@incarnationgc.org. You can learn more about the event and register for free tickets at tinyurl.com/AllHallows19