Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

Practicing the Presence of God

The Christian tradition of contemplative prayer can be traced back to Jesus who went to the desert to pray in solitude before many of the most significant events in his life. Following in that tradition, we will meet once per week to enter the desert of our hearts, emptying ourselves so we can welcome what Catherine Doherty called "the whisperings and light of the Holy Spirit."

Our aim will be to make these practices relevant to our lives, here and now, by co-creating an environment in which it is safe to show up as we are: with our heartbreaks, fears, anxieties, as well as our joys, successes, aspirations and hopes. We will learn to sit with it all until we can be stirred by a sense of the Divine breaking into our midst, stirring us with direction and guidance. Our hope will be that through this experience we will be guided into a "remembrance" of who we are in God and how our lives can, as one monastic writer said, "manifest God through our own uniqueness" and "reflect God rather than the false self."