Canon Delaney to Support Ministry of the Bishop Full-Time

The Dean announced on Sunday that following 8 years as Canon Pastor and Vicar of the cathedral congregation, Fr. Delaney has been called by the Bishop of Long Island to support episcopal visitations and diocesan liturgy full-time.

In his new role, Canon Delaney will accompany the bishop on visitations across the diocese as well as support the visitations of the assistant and assisting bishops. He will continue to prepare diocesan liturgies and teach worship at the Mercer School of Theology. Canon Delaney will remain involved in the cathedral’s online prayer practice. He will also remain involved in the Catechumenate, which will be open in the coming year to members of parishes across the diocese.

Fr. Michael’s ministry transition will be taking place at the beginning of October. We look forward to celebrating this exciting new moment in his ministry, the ministry of the bishop and the whole diocese.