From the Hive

Our honeybees have been busy bees this summer, producing almost one full super of honey per hive thus far, totaling about 65 lbs! As we transition to fall and the end of the nectar flow, our management focus shifts from colony growth and honey production to hive health and resources.

Varroa mite levels are highest in July and August, as the hive population is at its highest. For each egg the queen lays, potentially two mites are laid. Then, as the bee population dwindles through the fall and winter, mite levels and possible virus levels in the hive increase. We will continue to monitor and treat as needed until we prepare the hives for winter.

We expect to be able to harvest additional honey in the next few weeks, making sure our bees have enough food to carry them through the winter. Our spring harvest of Cathedral honey will be available at Sunday Coffee Hours while supplies last, with a recommended donation of $15.

If you would like to learn more about beekeeping or participate in our next inspection, please contact