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Cathedral Chapter and Council

Cathedral Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter is the governing body of the cathedral corporation and is responsible for the cathedral’s budget, financial management and real property. Chapter members are installed by election and appointment. Clergy and lay orders are elected by Diocesan Convention, elected by the Cathedral Chapter itself and appointed by the bishop.

The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano, D.D., Bishop of Long Island (President)
The Very Rev. Dr. Michael T. Sniffen, PhD, Dean of the Cathedral
Canon Charles Janoff, Esq., Chancellor
Mr. Michael Eng, Esq., Treasurer
The Rev. Eddie Alleyne
The Rev. Adam Bucko
Ms. Mia Jealous-Dank
Mr. Dennis Walcott
The Rev. John Merz
Dr. Lorna Lewis
The Rev. Lindsay Lunnum
Ms. LaVerne Mitchell
The Rev. Gideon Pollach
The Rev. Canon Kate Salisbury

Cathedral Council

The Cathedral Council is elected by the congregation and as leaders they play an important role in the life of the congregation. Each year, three members are elected to one four-year term. The Cathedral Council is called to empower, support, and encourage the various ministries and programs of our congregation. Together with the dean, vicar, clergy and professional staff, they help shape the focus of our common life.

Ms. Tamara Harris, Warden
Ms. Rebecca Maines, Warden
Ms. Fabian Burrell
Ms. Trish Craine
Ms. Norma Jones
Ms. Brenda Kennedy
Mr. Matthew Mohan
Ms. Laura Nelson
Ms. Carol O'Rourke
Mr. Keith Okrosy
Ms. Martha Ripp
Ms. Carolyn Ver Pault