Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide: Lessons in Engaged Contemplation

Fr. Adam Bucko’s new book, Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide: Lessons in Engaged Contemplation, has been released on October 6th.

The book is a collection of reflections, stories, and lessons on how to bear witness to our trying times. Written against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these reflections originated from sermons delivered via zoom at our Cathedral during the early days of the pandemic when we were all sheltered in place.

One recent review from Spirituality & Practice said this about the book:

"In Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide, Bucko explains how those who have discovered the importance of contemplative prayer can cultivate lives of greater depth, centeredness, connection, meaning, and simplicity. The world works against us doing this, with its dizzyingly complex and increasingly mind-numbing shallowness.

The book skillfully weaves together heartfelt personal stories, wisdom teachings, invitations for reflection, scriptural insights, and a mystical understanding of the historic Christian liturgy. Many will feel like they are encountering a Christianity that they can finally get on board with, but they also won’t be able to shake the feeling that this is the type of Christianity that should have been and could have been around all along."