Serve in Worship


Acolytes provide a wonderful ministry of service at Cathedral worship. As acolytes, boys, girls, and adults are offered opportunities to become involved in the sacramental ministry of the church.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild assumes responsibility of arranging flowers, polishing silver, caring for linens and clergy vestments, preparing vessels for all services and decorating the Cathedral for special services.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors assist the clergy in distributing Holy Communion and in bringing the sacrament to those who may be ill, homebound, or in the hospital.

Lay Readers

Lay Readers read the lessons and offer the Prayers of the People during the services.


Ushers perform the special ministry of welcome, greeting visitors, providing information, and extending hospitality to all who enter our sacred space.


Vergers assist in preserving the order and the beauty of the liturgy by attending to the ceremonial necessities that make our worship experience sacred and dignified.

For more information on how to join these ministries, contact the Rev. Morgan Mercer Ladd at