Boy Scout Troop 55 Holds Annual Fishing/Camping Trip and Court of Honor

Boy Scout Troop 55 from Garden City took their annual camping/fishing trip to Camp Hero in Montauk the weekend of September 17th to 19th. The boys enjoyed many fun and exciting activities such as fishing, camping, cooking, hiking and playing games. Camp Hero is a 754-acre state park located on Montauk Point and a former Air Force station. The main event of the trip was going on a fishing boat out of Montauk. Everyone enjoyed a half day of fishing and boating. As a group we caught many fish. Mr. Corrigan caught the largest fish on the boat. After we came back from fishing we went to our campsite and got ready to explore the abandoned Air Force buildings. Many of the younger scouts learned how to use compasses to find their way around. We also had to use maps to find our way around the park and not get lost. At night, the scouts cooked their own meals and chatted with each other. The scouts had an amazing time and are already thinking about how many fish they are going to catch next year.

The following week, the Troop had their Court of Honor where all of the scouts received their rewards from the previous months. The master of ceremonies for this Court of Honor was Second Class scout Michael Tusiani-Eng. A Court of Honor is a ceremony that is held to give the scouts the many awards and badges that they have earned. This Court of Honor was the first one since June so there were a tremendous amount of badges to be given out to the scouts. -Kevin Byrnes, Troop Historian