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Serve the Cathedral Congregation

Cathedral Ministry Teams

This year, the Cathedral Council will focus on three areas of ministry: Pastoral Care, Stewardship, and Hospitality. Members of the cathedral are invited to join the council in these ministries. You can join these groups on Realm or email Fr. Michael Delaney for more info.

The Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team will be dedicated to the pastoral needs of the cathedral congregation. Through phone calls, letter writing, home and hospital visits the Pastoral Care Team will tend to the needs of our parishioners. This team will also coordinate services of the anointing of the sick and the laying on of hands.

The Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team will be responsible for implementing Stewardship 2021, a year of giving, supporting and building community in a time of change and uncertainty. This team will meet on a regular basis, will oversee the fall pledge campaign, will engage in conversations about what it means to be a Steward of the Cathedral and will help deepen an awareness of the spirituality of giving.

The Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is all about what it means for us to be a welcoming community. Through hosting social gatherings, extending invitations to events and making connections with parishioners, the Hospitality Team will strengthen our sense of fellowship.