Blessing of Reworked Vestments

Given in Memory of Dr. Phyllis Bain

You shall make holy garments for Aaron, for glory and for beauty. - Exodus 28:2

Join the cathedral congregation at this Sunday's 11:15 service as we bless a newly reworked set of vestments given in thanksgiving for the life of Dr. Phyllis Bain.

Phyllis was a longtime member of just about every ministry at the cathedral, including faithful service as an altar guild member, lector, usher, Cathedral Council member, and church school teacher.

The "Coronation" festal white set takes its name from the tapestry fabric - known as the "orphrey" - which gives the set its distinct and regal look. The coronation orphrey was taken from the previous cathedral festal white set and mounted on new damask silk. This set will be used on certain feast days, like All Saints Day and Christ the King, as well as at weddings, funerals, and other diocesan events.

Many thanks to Steven Leavitt of Transfiguration Vestments in Manhattan for the hours of hard work he put into this important project, and much gratitude for the dedication to his craft which is revealed in each stich.