Construction of New Frontal Cabinet

This winter, the cathedral commissioned the construction of a new frontal cabinet to store the altar coverings - known as frontals - when not in use. The original cabinet was removed during our accessibility project, and the cathedral frontals were temporarily housed in the Mercer Chapel sacristy during the construction period.

The most exciting feature of the new cabinet is the integration of elements of the old choir furniture in the design. The bottom arched wooden screening was painstakingly removed from the choir desks and seamlessly integrated into the design of the cabinet. Not only does this feature check the "upcycle and reuse" box, but it also honors the history of the building and its ornamental and architectural heritage. The screening allows for air to circulate around the fabric, thus preventing the frontals - some of which are only used one or two days per year - from getting musty.

Local craftsman Marco DeLillis of Marco's Art of Restoration built the cabinet modularly in his Hicksville studio and assembled it in place at the cathedral in the undercroft elevator vestibule - all of the modules were assembled without the use of glue or nails!

Please feel free to take a look at the cabinet the next time you are at the cathedral - it is a work of art and will serve the congregation for many decades to come. To get involved in the care and maintenance of our cathedral vestments, fabrics, or metalwork please reach out to Dean's Verger Kyle Sabo or Altar Guild Chairperson Chris LeSueur at