The Cathedral Needs...You!

We are in need of volunteers to participate in our Sunday worship! Scheduling is flexible and can be suited to your availability. Reach out to Shirley at if you are willing to give one of these positions a try!

Chalice Bearer

What they do: Serve wine during communion. It's up to you if you would like to wear the surplice and cassock like an acolyte and join the procession. If not, you are welcome to sit in the congregation and just come up during communion to serve wine!

Welcome Table attendant

What they do: Sit at the Welcome Table 20 minutes before service, help people fill out name tags, and answer questions. Attendants do not have to stay at the table for the whole service, but they should return when the service ends in case people have questions about the cathedral. We aim to have two attendants at each service.


What they do: Unlike ushers who have many responsibilities, greeters have one job: welcome people to the cathedral! Greeters arrive at least 20 minutes before the service and say hello to as many people as they can! Once the service begins, their duties are over.