Deacon Denise Galloway Named Coordinator of Deacons

Effective February 14, 2024, being the feast of Cyril and Methodius, the Reverend Denise Galloway will serve as the Coordinator of Deacons, as an extension of the oversight and shared ministry of the bishop diocesan.

Deacon Galloway, will, in addition to serving as deacon of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, serve as a conduit, voice and support for the vocational deacons of the diocese and in this capacity become a part of the senior staff of the diocese. In this capacity, she will fully engage the bridge ministry of deacons to the diocese over all ministry plans in each of the parishes and missions served by vocational deacons.

Further in this role, she will advise the senior staff in matters related to deacons and create opportunities for the full inclusion of deacons in all aspects of diocesan ministries. Deacon Denise will in turn monitor and support deacons’ ministries as more vocational deacons are deployed across the diocese.