Return of All Hallows Eve: Tales from the Cathedral Crypt

On Sunday, October 30th the Cathedral of the Incarnation staged their All Hallows Eve: Tales from the Cathedral Crypt, which has not been presented since 2019. It was a wonderful success with at least 150 people attending. The Cathedral Youth Group did an outstanding job with the decorating and taking on many of the roles in the event.

Guests were welcomed and shown a short film about the founding of Garden City and the Cathedral. Tour groups were then led across the close to a small boneyard where dastardly graverobbers were caught in the nefarious act of stealing a corpse! While the crypt was the final stop on the tour, the journey does not end there!

This Sunday, November 6th the Cathedral celebrates the Feast of All Saints with an Evensong Service. This is the feast on the liturgical calendar which commemorates all saints, known and unknown and is a celebration of new and abundant life!