A Vibrant Cathedral for the 21st Century

Update from the Dean

Cathedral Chapter envisions a Cathedral Close (campus) with increased greenspace, cultivated gardens, new lighting, improved vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, and expanded accessibility to cathedral buildings. The Anglican heritage which gave birth to the cathedral values beauty as a path to God. Current plans remove nearly three acres of asphalt to be replaced with grassland and gardens inviting reflection, renewal, and rest.

In 2015, the Cathedral Chapter began a master-planning process aimed at revitalizing cathedral ministries, buildings, and grounds. The cathedral’s architects and planners, Beyer Blinder Belle, worked for over a year with clergy, parishioners, neighbors, outreach partners, business owners, non-profit leaders, and village stakeholders. The process resulted in an articulation of God’s call for the cathedral’s religious and community life now and for years to come. The Bishop, along with the Dean and Chapter, affirmed a plan that enlivens our mission and ministry as a Christian community in the Episcopal tradition open to all. The cathedral’s commitment to sacramental worship, spiritual fellowship, and love for neighbor and stranger alike is at the heart of all we do. In the planning process, we coalesced around five guiding principles that have shaped Chapter’s decisions for maintaining and improving our historic buildings and grounds while caring for the ministries and people who inhabit them. These guiding principles include Alignment of Mission and Ministry, Intentional Welcome, Balance of Historic Character with Contemporary Engagement, Cathedral as Destination for Religious Pilgrimage, and Ensuring a Sustainable Future. With these principles in mind, several project priorities emerged in 2016/17 out of our commitments to accessibility, beauty, and ongoing Christian spiritual formation in all aspects of cathedral life.

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