A message from the Dean: Musical chairs!

I am very excited to share that our beloved Steinway concert grand piano is almost ready to return to the Cathedral! Our 1931 Steinway, which has been used for many years as a rehearsal instrument in the undercroft has been fully restored to its former glory. It is a wonderful treasure, which we can now fully use in support of the music program. When the piano returns to the Cathedral this summer, it will have a new home on the floor of the nave. The smaller Steinway which currently lives near the pulpit will be moved downstairs to be used for choir rehearsals and other events.

In order to make room for a 9 foot grand piano in our worship space, we will be removing pews from the South Transept (pulpit side). If you are accustomed to sitting in that section, you are invited to play musical chairs when you next come to worship! I encourage you to try sitting in a few different places and to get a new perspective on the actions of the liturgy. Discover a new place in the choir of all believers! Thanks to our new sound system, it is easier to hear from all points in the nave. I often hear from visitors and parishioners alike that the liturgy looks and feels very different depending upon where one sits. So, I welcome you to a new seat. There is plenty good room in God's house.

Yours in Christ, Michael+

Save the date: The Steinway piano dedication and opening concert will be on Sunday, September 23rd at 4pm!