Junior Warden Elected by Council

From the Dean:

I am delighted to announce that the Cathedral Council has elected Tamara Harris as Junior Warden. Tamara has been an active member of the Cathedral Council and will be an excellent member of our executive leadership team during these dynamic and challenging times in cathedral life. Please join me in giving thanks and praying for Tamara and all our cathedral leaders.

From Tamara:

I have been an active member of the Episcopal Church all my life. My faith was created and nurtured by the Diocese of the Windward Islands. I attended the Cathedral of the Incarnation in the Fall 2005 shortly after arriving in New York and established it as my home church in 2013.

As a staunch Anglican/ Episcopalian, my formative years to present have been dedicated to serving within the church. I recall the parable of the talents from my Sunday School days and the call to give back and to share your talents has left an indelible mark on my life. It was this moving call to share that motivated me to not only serve within the church, but to become involved in professions of teaching and counseling that allow me to do just that. Growing up in a family surrounded by adults who dedicated their time to the service of others further propelled me to follow in their example.

As I now prepare to serve as Junior Warden, I am ready once again to share my talents, to give back, and to ensure the cathedral remains a welcoming house of prayer for all.

I thank you for this opportunity.