Catechumenate: Discovery

Are you filled with questions about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? How about what does it mean to be spiritual or why people are called religious? Do you want to know more about faith or about doubt? What about the Bible, The Episcopal Church or just about the Church in general?

The Catechumenate is a process that enables us to tell our stories and ask important questions. We are invited to hear, see and feel in new and exciting ways. This process takes place in three distinct stages: Discovery, Catechumenate and Mystagogia.

On October 6th we begin our journey at stage one: Discovery. We will gather for five weeks at the guest house (59 3rd Street) for a simple meal, good conversation and prayer. If you are interested in joining the conversation, register on Realm. If you would like more information, please email The Rev. Canon Michael Delaney at: