Long Time Pledge Secretary Gerry Potter Honored

Gerry was awarded the prestigious Bishop's Cross at Convention

At the 157th Convention of the Diocese of Long Island, long time Pledge Secretary and volunteer Gerry Potter was awarded the prestigious Bishop's Cross for his service to the Cathedral Congregation.

Everyone at the Cathedral knows Gerry, and Gerry knows everyone at the Cathedral! Gerry moved to Long Island from Utica, New York and joined the Cathedral in 2000. He sang in the Cathedral Choir for 14 years and took on the essential role of Pledge Secretary in 2015, shortly before retiring from his career in Banking. He is a constant in the Cathedral - and is truly a full time volunteer. He picks up pastries from French Workshop every weekend for Fellowship in Faith at Mercer and on Tuesday mornings for the Neighbors Being Neighbors Ministry. Gerry is also a our Wedding Verger, Head Usher and go-to person for so many tasks and ministries!