Cathedral Seating

Take a seat at the Cathedral!

For many years, we have received feedback that the cathedral’s current pews are unstable and the cushions are in bad repair. After significant research, the Cathedral Chapter has engaged Luke Hughes to design new seating for our historic space. Luke Hughes is widely respected as the best designer and builder of ecclesiastical architecture in England.

The current pews in the cathedral are the third set of pews since the building was completed. The original pews at our cathedral had open backs and were movable. They were simple, elegant and did not distract from the Victorian decoration of the Gothic building. Luke Hughes has suggested a new pew that would meet our criteria of flexible, comfortable and traditional. They will also improve visibility of our needlepoint kneelers, which are an artistic treasure.

In the new seating plan, we would have regular seating for nearly 300 in pews, expandable to nearly 500 (in pews and chairs) for significant holidays and liturgical events. All of the seating would be movable to meet the needs of the cathedral for generations to come.

Samples of the pew and chair are currently in the south transept of the cathedral where you are welcome to do a “sit test.” The pews and chairs would be stained to match our historic woodwork. The pews would have cushions for the comfort of cathedral worshippers. Opportunities to donate a pew or a chair in thanksgiving or memorial will be available with inscriptions made on brass mediations on the seat backs.

Please feel free to offer feedback regarding the potential new cathedral seating project to the Dean at A final decision regarding seating will be made by the Cathedral Chapter this fall with the hope of having new seating in place by Holy Week 2020.