Cathedral Choir Updates

A message from Larry

Even though our singers are not at their normal routines, there is still activity happening behind the scenes. The choristers are working with an online music skills course, and will soon have the option to add online voice lessons. The adults will meet for their normal Thursday rehearsal time, but for the coming weeks it will be in a Zoom meeting. And some of our singers will take part in a national project which involves singing a setting of the great hymn “The strife is o’er” with thousands of others; this will be put together and sent out by the national Episcopal Church.

Some of our staff singers are assisting with Sunday Morning Prayer, and we are about to produce some videos which will be available at the cathedral website. It’s not possible to use organ or piano on Zoom- the program treats it as background noice and alters it. So we will have some familiar items which are accompanied available to listen to on the website. Stay tuned!