Parents' Circle with Mother Morgan

Join us this summer for Parents' Circle - a reading group focused on parenting and faith! We will be reading the fantastic book Parenting From The Inside Out: How A Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive by Daniel Siegel and Mary Hatzell. While this book is focused on the practical dimensions of developmental neuroscience, we will use the readings as a springboard to explore our parenthood holistically, exploring how we are (and who we are becoming!) influences our parenting. We will host six sessions that cover the following topics:

July 16: Remembering and Seeing
July 23: Feeling and Telling
July 30: Connecting
August 6: Storytelling
August 13: Repairing Ruptures
August 20: Reflecting with Compassion and Faith

Our reading group runs from Thursday, July 16-Thursday, August 20, 2020 from 8:00-8:45 PM (ending in time to get to Compline). Register on Realm or by clicking here.