Aid to Ukraine

In support of Ukraine as it faces the current invasion by Russia has seen much generosity at the Cathedral and Diocese. We have been given numerous checks to aid in this effort, with all the funds being sent to various agencies experienced with getting the necessary help to where it is most needed. As many of you know, I have travelled to Ukraine numerous times, and have many friends there. They are all safe at this point. One of them spoke about a need for funding for medical supplies for the L'viv Regional State Clinic Medical and Diagnostic Cardiology Center, where his father is Head of the Anesthesiology Department. The hospital is running out of necessary medications, as all the usual government funding is being sent to help the war effort. In speaking with Bishop Provenzano about this need, he arranged for the Diocese of Long Island to send the necessary $16,000 to the hospital. This gift will allow the hospital to have all the necessary medications on supply for the next months. The role this hospital will play in the coming weeks will expand, as the hospitals in Kyiv are sending pediatric cardiac patients for L'viv, where they can have necessary surgery and not be forced to recover in a bomb shelter.

There are many opportunities to assist the Ukrainian people during this time, and you can contact me at for further information.

Larry Tremsky