Cathedral Kennel Club supports animal rescue in Ukraine

The past months have seen an outpouring of support for the people of Ukraine as their country has been invaded by Russia. The Cathedral has assisted in fundraising in various ways.

The Cathedral Kennel Club, our group of dog lovers who regularly use the campus to meet and walk their pets, has been actively fundraising to help with animal rescue in Ukraine. Many pets have been left abandoned as their owners have fled the bombardment and destruction of their cities, towns, farms, and villages. The organization Домівкаврятованихтварин, -- "Home for Rescued Animals” is traveling throughout all of Ukraine rescuing abandoned pets -- and caring for them until they find caring homes throughout Europe or are reunited with their families.

If you copy the Ukrainian name of the group < Домівкаврятованихтварин> and paste it into Facebook or Instagram, you can see photos of the work they’re doing. The text is all in Ukrainian, but the pictures show the hard work being done for animals in the midst of this conflict.