Jeanisha's Mission Trip to Puerto Rico!

A message from Jeanisha

Hi Everyone,

I would first like to thank those of the Cathedral for their donations and prayers. Due to your generosity, I was able to go on the mission trip of a lifetime and serve those who need it most. Thanks to you I was able to wash, seal, and repair three different roofs with the help of my team. Additionally, I was able to meet new people who were beyond thankful for what we did and even cooked us authentic Puerto Rican food! At the end of the day all of the groups gathered together to reflect and pray on our day which showed how much a trip like this really impacts your life. Going on this trip really opened my eyes to be grateful for what I have and love the act of serving others. It allowed me to re-indulge in my Puerto Rican culture and bring those lessons with me back home. All of which wouldn’t have been possible without your support so once again thank you; and I pray for your safety and health during these challenging times.

--Jeanisha Prysock-Gonzalez