Discovery: Stage II of the Catechumenate Process

Discovery: a process to tell the stories of our life, our faith, our church and our community

Our identity is dependent on having a story that tells us who we are. Our understanding of life's meaning and purpose is dependent on having a story that tells us what the world is like and where we are going. To be a community of faith, we must be a people with a story: a common memory and vision, common rituals or symbolic actions expressive of our community's memory and vision, and a common life together that manifests our community's memory and vision.

Excerpt from: Living Faithfully as a Prayer Book People, John H. Westerhoff

Discovery is an opportunity to have a conversation about faith, prayer, scripture, spirituality, and what it means to be a Christian in today's world, in an atmosphere of hospitality. Participation in Discovery can also lead to Reception into the Episcopal Church, Baptism or Confirmation at the Easter Vigil.

Our conversation begins Thursday, January 12th from 7:00pm until 8:00pm at 3rd Street and continues each Thursday evening through February 9th.

If you are interested in joining the conversation register on Realm or if you want more information, please email our Diocesan Canon Precentor, Michael Delaney at