Bonjour, Stewardship!

People often don’t want to talk about stewardship. OK, so let’s talk about Paris instead. Years ago, I went to Paris on short notice—traveling alone, speaking no French at the time. A colleague who’d lived in France gave me a tip: always say “Bonjour”—entering a cafe or shop, anytime you encounter anyone--and the courtesy will be well received. She was right. I got lost finding my hotel, but said “bonjour” to an elderly lady and pointed at the address, and when she realized I didn’t understand her reply, she hooked her arm in mine and walked me to my destination. I bonjoured my way around Paris, and it opened up a whole new world of warm, friendly, helpful Parisians. I came home and began studying French so I could actual converse beyond “bonjour” on future trips.

So…stewardship. I think it’s like that “bonjour”—it’s how you reach out and form a connection. My bonjour to the cathedral began with a financial offering and has come to include various ministries—acolytes, prayer shawl ministry, Cathedral for Pets, altar guild, social justice group. Every time I reach out to give my time and/or resources here at the cathedral, it becomes much more than a donation or a task, and as we all pitch in, we form connections and make things happen together, things that might never happen otherwise. With that first word, that first gift, we create and sustain something much greater. Bonjour, mes amis, bonjour!l

--Rebecca Maines