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August 25, 2019

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

Summer Schedule!
Traditional Mass 8:00am
Neighborhood Mass 9:15am (outdoors behind the cathedral)
Cathedral Mass 10:00am

Weekly Services

Morning Prayer 8:45am

Tuesday through Thursday

Mass of Anointing 12:15pm


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Healing Day National Bell Ringing

Sunday, August 25 at 3pm

The National Park Service is commissioning, and asking, churches and people from around the country to commemorate and honor the first enslaved Africans who landed in English North America in 1619 by ringing bells.

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry said, "We can join together with people of other Christian faiths and people of all faiths to remember those who came as enslaved, who came to a country that one day would proclaim liberty. And so we remember them and pray for a new future for us all."

The Cathedral of the Incarnation will ring its historic bells in response to this call. The tower bells originally were cast for the 1876 U.S. Centennial in Philadelphia and brought here by train.

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Blessing of Backpacks!

Sunday, September 1 at 9:15am

Kids are invited to bring their backpacks to Neighborhood Mass at 9:15am on the first Sunday in September for a special blessing as we enter the new school year!

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Regular Worship Schedule Resumes September 15

Beginning September 15, the Cathedral Choir returns and we resume our usual worship schedule:

Traditional Mass: 8:00am Cathedral for Kids: 9:15am Choral Mass: 11:15am

We also return to our Monday through Friday worship schedule: Morning Prayer at 8:45am Daily Mass at 12:15pm

Stay tuned for a new weeknight Contemplative Worship service starting in October!

We Connect

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Summer Reading: The Universal Christ

Each week this summer, we will share a reflection on The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr. Paperback copies are available at cost in the cathedral office. This book will be the subject of our Advent Series beginning December 4th.

“You are a child of God, and always will be, even when you don’t believe it. This is why you can see Christ . . . in those who do not like you, and those who are not like you.” (page 37)

This week, as you encounter people that you do not naturally like, reflect on how you respond to them. Can you see Christ in them?

We Grow

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Cathedral Chorister Academy

August 27-30, 10am to 2pm

We are excited to be holding a four-day long Cathedral Chorister Academy this August! Each day will include group rehearsals, music reading class, and music theory class. In addition, lunch will be provided each day and each chorister will get a t-shirt and two private voice lessons with professional members of our adult choir. All of this is included for $100. (There are also need-based scholarships available.) High school aged choristers who would like to serve as counselors will also have the fee waived.

Registration is $100 (need-based scholarships are available): https://tinyurl.com/chorister2019

We are also looking for four or more adult volunteers to help supervise. (No musical ability is required.) If any parents would be willing to fill this role, we would be happy to waive the enrollment fee for their kid(s).

This program is open to anyone, so please invite friends and family!

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Sunday School Registration

September 8

It's almost time for Fellowship and Faith to return! Registration for families will be available at the Welcome Table in the cathedral beginning that Sunday.

Fellowship in Faith offers a rotation-based Sunday School curriculum that involves the exploration of children’s spiritual lives through art, storytelling, music and movement.

Parents are invited to join their children in the classroom for observation and participation, or they can enjoy a cup of coffee, catch up with friends, or attend one of the adult enrichment classes on offer.

For more info, visit www.incarnationgc.org/grow

We Pray

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You can submit prayer requests online at www.incarnationgc.org/prayers.

Prayer List:

The Church: Michael the Presiding Bishop, Lawrence our Bishop, Geralyn our Assistant Bishop; Daniel our Assisting Bishop; William, our Assisting Bishop, Michael, our Dean; Michael our Canon Pastor, Morgan, our Minor Canon for Family Ministries, Adam, our Minor Canon, Andrew our Canon Steward, Denise our Deacon; Larry, Colin, Charlie, Kris, Kate, James, and Shirley.

The Nation: Donald, our President; Andrew, our Governor; Theresa, the Mayor of Garden City, and the members of our Armed Forces, especially Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Deepak Williams, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart, Lt. Commander James Tilden, and their families.

For those serving in our armed forces: Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Deepak Williams, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart and Lt. Commander James Tilden.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of Saskatoon (Canada) and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for Immigration Ministries.

For those who have asked for our prayers:
Tony, Flor, Marisol, Pat, Lawrence, Karen, Headley, Mary F., Monica S. Eladio, Niyjah, Natasha, Nesha, Claude, Lauren, London, Tristan, Gianna, Nirvana, August, Wayne, Whitney, Mary F., Jerry R., Monica W., Kris, Robyn, Arielle, Paul, Gene, Donna, Dorraine, Janet, Carolyn, Evelyn, Jean, Julie, Joan, Pat, Emily, Nicholas, Pat, Carol T, Cory, Clarissa, Xavier, Mary Lou, Danny, Lizzy, Joan, Matthew, D., Neena, Alice S., Sirius, Doris B., Jane, Virginia E., Kerry B., Damianus, John, Jean, Sandy F. Marco, Carlo, Carmen, Andy O., Doris, Becky, Tyson, Lizzy, Pam, Laurie A., Rosanne R., Tierney, Nicholas , Monique T., David G. Larry, Tyson, the Fogarty family, Susan, Jess, Jane, Jimmy and Colvin.

For those who have died, especially Leonard Pitt, longtime member of Christ Church Garden City, and for those grieving the death of a loved one, that they may find comfort and peace.

We wish a blessed and happy birthday to Jason Corrado, Aston Lapadula, Justin Pawlowski, Tyler Pawlowski, Ava Rufrano and Timothy Steinhauer who will celebrate a birthday this coming week.

Bread & Wine Memorials, Flower Memorials, Mass Cards, children’s birthdays and prayer requests can be sent to Shirley in the cathedral office at cathedral@incarnationgc.org or (516)746-2955. Prayers are taken off the list after 90 days unless a special request is made.