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A message from the Dean on Reopening

Dear members of the Cathedral Community,

This Sunday we will begin Phase B of our reopening of the cathedral for in-person worship and gathering.

In this phase, our 10:15am Sunday morning service will be in-person by registration only. Our 8:45am Sunday Morning service will continue on Zoom.

The 10:15am Sunday morning service will take place on the cathedral lawn in the style of the “Neighborhood Mass”. Attendees are asked to bring their own chair or picnic blanket. Attendees are also invited to bring a snack for themselves, which will be enjoyed during the concluding Love Feast. Registration is required. (See below event announcement for link). You will need to answer several screening questions. Those registered are invited to worship in the tent, or in designated “drive-in” spots where you will be able to hear and participate in the prayers from your car. Attendance is limited to 50 persons as we pilot safety protocols. We are unable to accommodate pets at this time.

In accordance with diocesan guidelines, all attendees must wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times. It is advised that those who are older than 60 and those with compromised immune systems or compromised lung and heart function, should continue to worship online until a vaccine is available, an effective treatment is available, or there is no longer community transmission.

Our online services Monday-Friday at 8:45am and 8:45pm, Contemplative prayer on Tuesdays at 8:15pm and Sunday morning worship at 8:45am will continue throughout the summer on Zoom.

Instructions follow for those attending 10:15am in-person:

Arrival and check in will be at the entrance located at 5th Street and Cathedral Ave. All other entrances will be closed on Sundays. Pedestrians should also arrive at this entrance for check-in. All attendees will be checked in from the list of online registrants. Registration is required. From check-in, you will be directed where to receive a bulletin, where to park, and how to make yourself comfortable in the tent. There will be a stationary location for giving tithes and offerings near the entrance of the tent. Hand sanitizing stations will also be available. Those wishing to worship “drive-in” style will be directed to special parking around the cathedral oval where you will be able to hear very well with windows down. At the conclusion of the service, we will enjoy a Love Feast together. This is an ancient Christian practice or sharing joys and concerns in the context of food. It is a way of acknowledging that although we cannot share the Eucharist at this time, all of life is connected to the heavenly banquet of which Christ is the Host.

Following the service, cars will be directed to exit by the Mercer School onto Rockaway Avenue.

This Sunday is not a grand re-opening. The cathedral building itself will not be open other than for use of bathrooms which will be cleaned after each use. This is a first step in our goal of safely gathering in person following the best medical advice available.

Whether you worship with us online or in-person, please know that the whole cathedral team is here to support you in your spiritual life and is available to you for religious guidance and support. Please reach out to any of the clergy if you desire pastoral care or conversation at any time.

In God’s peace and love,
Dean Michael

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Outdoor Neighborhood Service

Sunday, July 19 at 10:15am

Click here for details and to register.

Our outdoor service under the tent is back! We are carefully adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks for this service. You must register in advance to attend.

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Online Worship Services

Sunday Morning Prayer
Sundays, 8:45am to 9:30am
Rite II Morning Prayer service with preaching and singing from one of our choir members, followed by "coffee hour"
Link to Zoom Meeting:https://zoom.us/j/103690947?pwd=ODY2VWg1YWRERGF4WVFLTER1Y05CUT09
Meeting ID: 103 690 947
Password: 413291
Or dial-in by phone: (646)876-9923

Weekday Morning Prayer
Monday through Friday, 8:45am to 9:00am
Rite II Morning Prayer service with chants and hymns
Link to Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/380470915?pwd=M3ZMdThVMzVWaHBOSmROZFp0NTB3Zz09
Meeting ID: 380 470 915
Password: 693777
Or dial-in by phone: (646)876-9923

Weekday Compline (Night Prayer)
Monday through Friday, 8:45pm to 9:00pm
Night Prayer service with chants and hymns
Link to Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/263033638?pwd=VmpVWkFoNUZQcG9mekN5OFVBWXBpQT09
Meeting ID: 263 033 638
Password: 445381
Or dial-in by phone:(646)876-9923

Meditation and Contemplative Prayer
Tuesdays at 8:15pm
Guided meditation with time for intercession, silence, and beautiful ancient chants
Link to Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/263033638?pwd=VmpVWkFoNUZQcG9mekN5OFVBWXBpQT09
Meeting ID: 263 033 638
Password: 445381
Or dial-in by phone:(646)876-9923

We Connect

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COVID Resources for Long Island

Do you need testing services, housing assistance, counseling, or help dealing with food insecurity? Do you know someone who needs this help? Deacon Denise has provided this list of resources for Long Island that can point you in the right direction.

As always, our clergy are available and happy to speak with you! Reach out to us at cathedral@incarnationgc.org or call our answering service (516) 746-2955 to be put in touch with someone.

Some additional resources from New York State:

Feeling stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic? You are not alone. Emotional Support Helpline 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm: 1-844-863-9314

When home isn't safe, domestic violence survivors can find services 24/7 at www1.nyc.gov/NYCHOPE or call 1-800-621-HOPE(4673) or 911 for emergencies.

We Grow

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Summer Storytime with Kate

Wednesdays, July 15-August 19, 4pm to 4:30pm

If your kids are going stir crazy by late afternoon, trust us...we get it! We will be hosting Storytime with Kate on Wednesday afternoons via Zoom. Each week we’ll read a new or classic book from children’s literature that highlights an aspect of our faith in everyday life. Appropriate for young and school age children alike.

Join at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86334941441?pwd=RjhSZlBUOGhxQ2ZrOXdDRzJ3bG5LQT09
Meeting ID: 863 3494 1441, Password: 602871

If you'd like to be added to the Family Ministries email list, please email Kate at kakerman@incarnationgc.org.

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Parents' Circle with Mother Morgan

Thursdays, July 16-August 20, 8pm to 8:45pm

Join us this summer for Parents' Circle - a reading group focused on parenting and faith! We will be reading the fantastic book Parenting From The Inside Out: How A Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive by Daniel Siegel and Mary Hatzell. While this book is focused on the practical dimensions of developmental neuroscience, we will use the readings as a springboard to explore our parenthood holistically, exploring how we are (and who we are becoming!) influences our parenting. We will host six sessions that cover the following topics:

July 16: Remembering and Seeing
July 23: Feeling and Telling
July 30: Connecting
August 6: Storytelling
August 13: Repairing Ruptures
August 20: Reflecting with Compassion and Faith

Our reading group runs from Thursday, July 16-Thursday, August 20, 2020 from 8:00-8:45 PM (ending in time to get to Compline). Register on Realm or by clicking here.

We Serve

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Operation Feed the Front!

The work continues!

Even though we met our original goal, we are continuing to bring food to frontline workers and our neighbors with food insecurity every day. Please continue to donate here!

Thanks to you, we continue to provide over 1,000 meals a week to hospitals in Queens and Nassau counties as the volume of Covid 19 patients is declining day by day. The need continues, and essential workers at hospitals across our area continue to serve heroically and selflessly.

We are grateful for your support. As we continue to support these workers as well as communities with significant food insecurity, please consider a donation to sustain this effort.

Donate here and share widely!

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Flower Memorials

Each week the tower entryway to the Cathedral will be prepared with flowers, the High Altar Cross, prayers and a weekly meditation. It is an opportunity for all “who pass our way” to stop for reflection and prayer. If you would like to remember your loved ones, offer thanksgiving or honor someone please email Shirley at cathedral@incarnationgc.org.

We Pray

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You can submit prayer requests online at www.incarnationgc.org/prayers.

Special Prayer

God of healing and hope, in Jesus you meet us in our places of pain and fear. Look with mercy on those who have contracted the new virus, on any who are vulnerable, and on all who feel in danger. Through this time of global concern, by your Holy Spirit bring out the best not the worst in us. Make us more aware of our interdependence on each other, and of the strength that comes from being one body in you. Through Christ, our wounded healer. Amen.
--The Rev. Dr. Samuel Wells, St, Martin in the Fields, London

Prayer List:

The Church: Michael the Presiding Bishop, Lawrence, our Bishop, Geralyn, our Assistant Bishop; Daniel, our Assisting Bishop; William, our Assisting Bishop, Michael, our Dean; Michael, our Vicar of the Cathedral Congregation, Morgan, our Sub Dean, Adam, our Minor Canon, Andrew, our Canon Steward, Denise, our Deacon and Director of Outreach; Larry, Colin, Charlie, Kris, Kate, James, and Shirley.

The Nation: Donald, our President; Andrew, our Governor; Theresa, the Mayor of Garden City, and the members of our Armed Forces, especially Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart, James Tilden, Noah Penders and their families.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Dioceses of Mandalay (Myanmar) and Toronto (Canada) and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for St. Andrew's Saltaire.

For those who have asked for our prayers:
Tony, Flor, Marisol, Pat, Lawrence, Karen, Headley, Mary F. Monica S. Eladio, Niyjah, Natasha, Nesha, Claude, Lauren, London, Tristan, Gianna, Nirvana, August, Wayne, Whitney, Virginia E.,Kerry B., Linda M., Danielle C., Webb D., David, Matt W., Joann, Betty, Michael Y., Ken W., Dan R., Lynn., Neena, Matthew and Elizabeth L., Heather, Theresa, MaryJane, James, Pam, Lizzy, Judy, Kate, Xavier, Clarissa, Cory, Barbara, Linda, Marina, Enilda, Kathi, Becky, Judy, Gary, Jean and Aletha.

For those who have died, and for those grieving the death of a loved one, that they may find comfort and peace.

We wish a blessed and Happy Birthday to Nathan Brown, Henry Conlon, Nicholas Stokes and Kevin White who will celebrate birthdays this coming week.

Flower Memorials are given for the month of July in loving memory of Agilio S. Maceda Jr. by his wife, Cecilia Maceda. May his soul rest in peace and in God's eternal love in Heaven.

Each week the tower entryway to the Cathedral will be prepared with flowers, prayers, the High Altar Cross and a weekly meditation. It is an opportunity for all “who pass our way” to stop for reflection and prayer. If you would like to remember your loved ones, offer thanksgiving or honor someone please email Shirley.

Flower Memorials, Mass Cards, children’s birthdays and prayer requests can be sent to Shirley in the cathedral office at cathedral@incarnationgc.org or (516)746-2955. Prayers are taken off the list after 90 days unless a special request is made.