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Cathedral Worship

October 20, 2019

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Traditional Mass 8:00am
Cathedral for Kids Mass 9:15am
Choral Mass 11:15am

Weekday Cathedral Services

Morning Prayer 8:45am

Monday through Friday

Daily Mass 12:15pm

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Mass of Anointing 12:15pm


Meditation and Contemplative Prayer 7:30pm


We Connect

Interfaith Service and Picnic are cancelled

The Interfaith Service and Picnic that was announced in our fall newsletter has been cancelled by the Village Trustees and Garden City Historical Society. Stay tuned for their other celebrations and events on the 150th anniversary of the village.

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All Hallows' Eve: Journey to the Cathedral Crypt

Thursday, October 31st (Timed ticket entry between 6pm and 9pm)

On this All Hallows' Eve, you are invited to walk the bridge between the living and the dead as we journey together to the Cathedral Crypt to honor the souls of Garden City's founders, who were buried there over a century ago. Follow burning lanterns as we walk the Cathedral's sacred grounds, hear ghost stories, honor our faithful ancestors and perhaps find out once and for all if the Cathedral of the Incarnation is haunted.

The tour will begin inside the Cathedral sanctuary with live organ music, followed by a tour of the grounds. There will be tricks---and treats--along the way. A goodie bag to collect the treats will be provided. Costumes are welcome; Victorian-era costumes preferred.

Registration is required (but free!) Visit tinyurl.com/AllHallows19 to reserve your spot.

We Grow

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Fellowship in Faith for Families

Sundays at 10am

We continue our three week unit exploring Creation Care and learning how we can be good stewards of the earth.

Youth Catechumenate begins this Sunday, October 20. All youth seeking confirmation this year should have their adult sponsors approved by Kate or Mother Morgan prior to our first meeting. Please contact Kate Akerman with any questions or to sign up.

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Dean's Forum: This Fragile Earth, Our Island Home

Sundays, October 13, 20, 27 at 10am

Join the Rev. Adam Bucko in a conversation about environmental stewardship, eco-theology, and our faithful response to climate change.

We Serve

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Volunteers Needed for All Hallows' Eve

This Halloween, the cathedral will present the All Hallows’ Eve liturgy and tour for the third year in a row. This event continues to bring hundreds of guests through a “haunted” tour around the cathedral and grounds.

Volunteers are needed in many capacities: to help set up and decorate the different stations that guests will travel through, to serve as ushers and guides, and to play different characters in each scene. There is something for everyone!

Sunday, October 27, starting at 1pm: Decorating and preparing set pieces
Wednesday, October 30, starting at 1pm: More decorating around the grounds
Thursday, October 31 starting at 4pm: Set-up needed, make-up and costuming for actors, rehearsal for actors

If you are interested in participating in any capacity, please e-mail Kris Vieira at kris@incarnationgc.org. You can learn more about the event and register for free tickets at tinyurl.com/AllHallows19

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Spotlight On....

Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

This week we begin a new service on Tuesday nights. We will utilize ancient practices of prayer and meditation such as Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and Practicing the Presence of God.

The Christian tradition of contemplative prayer can be traced back to Jesus who went to the desert to pray in solitude before many of the most significant events in his life. Following in that tradition, we will meet once per week to enter the desert of our hearts, emptying ourselves so we can welcome what Catherine Doherty called "the whisperings and light of the Holy Spirit."

Our aim will be to make these practices relevant to our lives, here and now, by co-creating an environment in which it is safe to show up as we are: with our heartbreaks, fears, anxieties, as well as our joys, successes, aspirations and hopes. We will learn to sit with it all until we can be stirred by a sense of the Divine breaking into our midst, stirring us with direction and guidance. Our hope will be that through this experience we will be guided into a "remembrance" of who we are in God and how our lives can, as one monastic writer said, "manifest God through our own uniqueness" and "reflect God rather than the false self."

We Pray

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You can submit prayer requests online at www.incarnationgc.org/prayers.

Prayer List:

The Church: Michael the Presiding Bishop, Lawrence our Bishop, Geralyn our Assistant Bishop; Daniel our Assisting Bishop; William, our Assisting Bishop, Michael, our Dean; Michael our Canon Pastor, Morgan, our Minor Canon for Family Ministries, Adam, our Minor Canon, Andrew our Canon Steward, Denise our Deacon; Larry, Colin, Charlie, Kris, Kate, James, and Shirley.

The Nation: Donald, our President; Andrew, our Governor; Theresa, the Mayor of Garden City, and the members of our Armed Forces, especially Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart, James Tilden, and their families.

For those serving in our armed forces: Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart and James Tilden.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of The Murray (Australia),​ and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for Grace Church, Whitestone.

For those who have asked for our prayers:
Tony, Flor, Marisol, Pat, Lawrence, Karen, Headley, Mary F., Monica S. Eladio, Niyjah, Natasha, Nesha, Claude, Lauren, London, Tristan, Gianna, Nirvana, August, Wayne, Whitney, Virginia E., Kerry B., Damianus, John, Jean, Sandy F. Marco, Carlo, Carmen, Andy O., Doris, Becky, Tyson, Lizzy, Pam, Laurie A., Rosanne R., Tierney, Nicholas , Monique T., David G., Larry, Tyson, the Fogarty family, Susan, Jess, Jane, Jimmy, Colvin, Ed, Richard B., Kerry M., Alice, Liam, Danielle, Paul, Hughie, Stacey, Betty, Sylvia S., Elena B., Michael, Audrey, Kashif D., Clara, Jane R., Alex, Liz, Theresa, Pam, Marie and Trish.

For those who have died and for those grieving the death of a loved one, that they may find comfort and peace.

Bread & Wine Memorials, Flower Memorials, Mass Cards, children’s birthdays and prayer requests can be sent to Shirley in the cathedral office at cathedral@incarnationgc.org or (516)746-2955. Prayers are taken off the list after 90 days unless a special request is made.