We Worship

July 14, 2019

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Summer Schedule!
Traditional Mass 8:00am
Neighborhood Mass 9:15am (outside behind cathedral)
Cathedral Mass 10:00am

Weekly Services

Morning Prayer 8:45am

Tuesday through Thursday

Mass of Anointing 12:15pm


We Connect

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Summer Reading: The Universal Christ

Each week this summer, we will share a reflection on the Dean's summer reading selection, The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr. Paperback copies are available at cost in the cathedral office. This book will be the subject of our Advent Series beginning December 4th.

"Christ is not Jesus's last name." This is the title of Rohr's opening chapter. In this section, he makes a distinction between what he calls the "second incarnation"--when Jesus was born in Bethlehem--and the "first incarnation", described in Genesis, "when God joined in unity with the physical universe and became the light inside of everything." (p.13)

Had you ever connected Genesis with Christ? Do you believe, as Rohr says, that "everything visible, without exception, is the outpouring of God"? What might be challenging about that idea? What might be revelatory about that idea?

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Oral History of the Cathedral

The Cathedral Archives Committee is hoping to embark on a multi-generational project to collect stories of life at the cathedral through the years. This project will link individual and collective pasts to the hopes and aspirations that we share for the future of the cathedral community.

The committee is gauging interest in the project in order to refine its scope. If you are interested, please fill out the survey online at www.tinyurl.com/CathedralArchivesProject or pick up a hard copy of the survey at the Welcome Table on Sundays.

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Year-End Slideshow & Reports from Annual Meeting

You can view the year-end slideshow we showed at Pentecost and also check out the Dean's, Wardens', and Stewardship Reports from our annual meeting online at www.incarnationgc.org/annualmeeting.

We welcome new Cathedral Council members Tamara Harris, Dianne Moody, and Wendy White who were elected to the Class of 2023 at the annual meeting. We also welcome Carol O'Rourke, elected to a two-year term with the Class of 2021.

We Grow

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Seedlings (Cathedral for Kids)

Wednesdays, 11:30am to 12:15pm through August 7

Seedlings started this past Wednesday! Kids and their families searched the cathedral grounds for insects using magnifying glasses, and then started a science journal that they will work on all summer.

There is still time to join! Visit tinyurl.com/Seedlings19 for more information.

We Pray

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You can submit prayer requests online at www.incarnationgc.org/prayers.

Prayer List:

The Church: Michael the Presiding Bishop, Lawrence our Bishop, Geralyn our Assistant Bishop; Daniel our Assisting Bishop; Michael, our Dean; Michael our Canon Pastor, Morgan, our Minor Canon for Family Ministries, Andrew our Canon Steward, Denise our Deacon; Larry, Colin, Charlie, Rafael, Kris, Kate, James, and Shirley.

The Nation: Donald, our President; Andrew, our Governor; Theresa, the Mayor of Garden City, and the members of our Armed Forces, especially Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Deepak Williams, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart, Lt. Commander James Tilden, and their families.

For those serving in our armed forces: Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Deepak Williams, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart and Lt. Commander James Tilden.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of Phulbani (India) and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for St. Cuthbert's in Selden.

For those who have asked for our prayers:
Tony, Flor, Marisol, Pat, Lawrence, Karen, Headley, Mary F., Monica S. Eladio, Niyjah, Natasha, Nesha, Claude, Lauren, London, Tristan, Gianna, Nirvana, August, Wayne, Whitney, Kerry B., Jeanne, Lee, Grant, Pepa, Luisa, Helen, Liz, Wanda, Jackson, Michael, Dave, AJ, Bob, Calliope May, Cooper, Mary, Bob, Rhonda, Cierra, Tim, How, James, Dianne, Denise, Ann, Heather, Greg, Jacob, Alyssa, Cookie, Mary F., Jerry R.,Monica W., Kris, Robyn, Arielle, Paul, Gene, Donna, Barbara Ann, Dorraine, Janet, Carolyn, Evelyn, Leonard, Jean, Julie, Joan, Pat, Emily, Nicholas, Pat, Carol T, Agie M., Cory, Clarissa, Xavier, Mary Lou, Danny, Lizzy, Joan, Matthew, D., Neena, Alice S., and Sirius.

For those who have died, especially Agilio (Agie) Maceda, husband of Cecilia Maceda & family, and Charles Ricklin, and for those grieving the death of a loved one, that they may find comfort and peace.

We wish a blessed and happy birthday to Nathan Brown, Henry Conlon, Christian Hunter, Jack LeSueur, and Kevin White who will celebrate birthdays this coming week.

Sacramental Bread & Wine for the month of July is given in loving memory of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Alfred S. and Barbara Stewart Kohart, son, brother, uncle and nephew Calvin Cutrone Kohart, uncle and great-uncle Calvin Coolidge Kohart , by Barbara and Mark Kliene, Alfred Jr., David, Denise, Samantha and Alfred Stewart Kohart, Adrienne K. and Matthew L. Hubbard, their children, Madeline Elizabeth, Matthew David, Evelyn Maria, Samuel Roy and Lindsay K. and Sean M. McDermott their children, David Michael and Emma Denise and also given in thanksgiving for Charlotte MacLauchlan Serrano's baptism by her parents.

On Sunday, July 14, all three services are in memory of Paul LeSueuer by request of the Keane Family. "It is holy and wholesome to remember those who have died," for they are at rest in the arms of God.

Bread & Wine Memorials, Flower Memorials, Mass Cards, children’s birthdays and prayer requests can be sent to Shirley in the cathedral office at cathedral@incarnationgc.org or (516)746-2955. Prayers are taken off the list after 90 days unless a special request is made.