Lunch and Learn with The Rev. Dr. McGinty - Registration is open!

Humanity and Our Landscape

Growing toward God means our spirituality and relationship with the Divine evolve

Join us as discover 3 tools to strengthen our spirituality:

  • Who we are

  • What we do

  • and where God is in all of it

Schedule: November 3 - Begin here: what’s the story of your life?

November 10 - The Human Person as Question-er. Sometimes we feel ourselves to be the question. But in a fundamental sense, we are the creatures who constantly ask questions: What? When? Where? And above all, Why? Where do the questions lead, and how do we follow?

November 17 - The New Being. There are times when everything seems old and worn. But beneath what we see, underneath the surface of our experience, is there something else going on? For us? In us? Through us?

November 24 - The World as Praise. Everything that’s around us, both within the earth’s atmosphere and beyond: why does it exist? What is the purpose of it all? And what is our role within it all?

The program is lead by Rev. Dr. John McGinty currently Rector of the Church of Saint Matthew in Worcester, Diocese of Western Massachusetts, and former Canon Formation and Dean of the Mercer School in the Diocese of Long Island. This is a free, online event. Download flyer for more information. Registrations are required. Register Now.