Collaboration Between Organists in the US and Ukraine

A chance meeting last August has led to a collaboration between professional organists in the US and Ukraine. Last summer Larry Tremsky, Director of Music at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, attended an Organ Academy in Pasłęk, Poland. Also taking part in the course were two talented young organists from L’viv, Ukraine, Mark Novakovych and Svitlana Pozdnysheva. During the week they spoke of ways in which musicians un the US could help Ukrainian colleagues during this difficult time of war. Good, scholarly editions of music are not always easy to get in Ukraine, so a conversation began with the Nassau Chapter of the American Guild of Organists to see if something could be done to help. The Nassau Chapter immediately agreed, and they, along with the Suffolk Chapter and some friends at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, raised enough funds to send a large package of music over to Ukraine, which recently arrived. Still more music is being collected and will be sent later. While we here cannot end this terrible war, we can support the people of Ukraine in many ways to let them know the world is behind them.

Here’s the translation of the text Mark wrote on receiving the music scores:

“When the war cancels all your plans and says "no" to all your dreams, incredible miracles don't stop happening! People who are ready to support not only with words, but also with truly generous deeds come to the rescue! Half a year ago, fate brought together Svetlana, me and Larry at the organ academy in Poland in Pasłek, and this meeting is very memorable for us! Larry Tremsky, a great friend of Ukraine, thank you from the bottom of my heart! For us young organists, this parcel from the USA - something much more than a selection of luxurious organ music in the best European editions and luxurious new organ shoes - is a huge gesture of support and understanding, which cannot be accepted without tears of emotion and gratitude! A big thank you to Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, NY for your support! May God bless you a hundredfold!”