Campus Ministry

Our clergy serve as Protestant Chaplains at Adelphi University, where we have developed a new initiative called Meditation and Justice.

Meditation and Justice is a campus ministry initiative developed by the Cathedral's Center for Spiritual Imagination. We curate campus-wide public events, cultivate spaces of contemplative practice and heartful conversation, offer one-on-one mentoring and spiritual direction and invite students to participate in service opportunities that allow them to live their newly discovered spiritual values in the context of "hearing the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth."

At Meditation and Justice, students are encouraged to name the places in their lives where they are already experiencing the sacred, voice their longing for a life that matters, sit with anxieties associated with the social and ecological instabilities of our times, and receive spiritual tools from the Episcopal tradition. Students are empowered to become leaders on campus and develop a committed response to issues of justice by connecting with a faith community and receiving support in discovering their vocation to become "healers, reconcilers, and ambassadors of God in the world."

To learn about upcoming Meditation and Justice public events, visit the Center for Spiritual Imagination website.