Spotlight on Stewardship

A word has power in and of itself. It comes from nothing into sound and meaning; it gives origin to all things. ~ N. Scott Momaday, Kiowan writer and folklorist

For a couple of weeks, I have been thinking about Rebecca’s contribution to our stewardship series in the cathedral e-news. “Bonjour,” she said, and a whole city was unlocked to her, its people disarmed by the honor she paid them through the smallest gesture of using the word of greeting in their language. One simple word, not a complex series of sentences, was enough to help her experience all the riches that Paris has to offer.

Truth be told, it made me remember how I struggled with French for seven years in school, and I how I was determined to make something of it when I got to Paris in 2004. I tried much more than “bonjour,” and I’m sure the puzzled looks of the Parisians I encountered had a lot to do with my awful grammar, sloppy pronunciations, and botched conjugations. I should have kept it simple. It was great getting back to London.

When it comes to stewardship, I would strongly recommend you follow Rebecca’s one-word example: say “yes” to stewardship and try to avoid making it too complicated - especially if you are thinking of becoming a first-time steward of the cathedral. If you have prayed about it and are ready to commit to the idea that stewardship is our intentional response to God for all that we are and all that we have been given, then you are probably ready to say “yes” to becoming a steward.

There are many simple ways to take the first step after saying “yes.” You can start by making a financial pledge of support to the cathedral, by taking a more active role in leading a ministry, or by looking for ways to serve those in need in one of our many outreach ministries. The relationships you will form by making this intentional commitment to God through your stewardship will deepen and enrich your faith and open new doors for you to explore as your understanding of stewardship grows and takes root in every aspect of your life.

Bonjour! Oui! Bienvenue to stewardship at the cathedral!