Kyle Sabo Appointed as Dean’s Verger

Dean Sniffen is happy to announce the appointment of long-time cathedral member Kyle Sabo as the Dean’s Verger, a member of the cathedral's professional staff.

Kyle is primarily responsible for coordinating cathedral liturgies and ceremonial. He also oversees the acquisition and care of cathedral furniture, vestments and treasury (sacred vessels and artwork). The Dean’s Verger serves as a liaison between the Dean’s office and the Bishop’s office regarding episcopal liturgies. He is also tasked with assisting the Dean on special projects related to the cathedral’s sacred spaces (such as the recent High Altar restoration and the future establishment of a columbarium) as well as other projects that are part of the “fabric of the cathedral.”

Kyle is a graduate of Hofstra University (BA, Early Modern History & MA, Foundations of Education) and CUNY Hunter College (MA, American History) and is a Fellow of the Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church. Prior to joining the cathedral staff, Kyle owned a sales and consulting company specializing in architectural metal imports. He and his wife Miriam, a special education school administrator, enjoy road trips out west with their two vizslas Jellicoe and Sultan. Kyle is an experienced skier and a frustrated golfer.