Prayer List

You can submit prayer requests online at

Our prayer lists are printed in each Sunday bulletin and also appear in our weekly e-news. Only the first name of the person prayed for will appear on our lists, and all names will be removed after 90 days. You are welcome to resubmit names as often as you would like.

Prayer List:

The Church: Michael the Presiding Bishop, Lawrence our Bishop, Geralyn our Assistant Bishop; Daniel our Assisting Bishop; Michael, our Dean; Michael our Canon Pastor, Morgan, our Minor Canon for Family Ministries, Andrew our Canon Steward, Denise our Deacon; Larry, Colin, Charlie, Rafael, Kris, Kate, James, and Shirley.

The Nation: Donald, our President; Andrew, our Governor; Brian, the Mayor of Garden City and the members of our Armed Forces, especially Brian Thorpe, James Rivera, Charlie Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Deepak Williams, Raymond Minihan, Jason Clark, Liam Begley, Adam Sanchez, Jonathan Hart and their families.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray for the Diocese of Maridi (South Sudan), and in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn.

For those who have asked for our prayers:
Tony, Flor, Marisol, Pat, Lawrence, Karen, Headley, Mary F., Niyjah, Natasha, Nesha, Lauren, London, Tristan, Gianna, Eladio, Wayne, Whitney, Elan, Linda, Alex, Brendan, Ronald, Marina, Enilda, Bobby, Joe, Nicole, Wanda, Linda, Joan, Elizabeth, Mark P., Shushanna, Thomas, Sophia, Richard B., Linda M., Sarah, Gabriel and Family, Jayden, Alice, Ron, Ede, Corinne, Nora, Jaisy, Virginia E., Michael P., Gil, Maribel, Fred, Mely, Mike, Danielle, Kerry B., Donald, Damianus, Aditya, Christie, Mary, Chuck, Barbara, Luz, Jayden, Camilla, Jeff, Nancy, Jean, Betty, Debbie, Jessica, Catherine, Kerry M., Casey, Rosanne, Alice, Anthony A., Mike C., Robyn, and Arielle.

For those who have died, and for those grieving the death of a loved one, that they may find comfort and peace.

Sacramental Bread and Wine for the month of February is given by Dr. Silvia Sherwood, Mr. LeeRoy Sherwood, and Dr. Caroline Preval in loving memory of their beloved mother Dr. Ana Preval and cousin Luis Gongora.

High Altar Flowers are given by Joan Xavier in thanksgiving for all my blessings.

We wish a blessed and happy birthday this week to Victoria Aufiero who will celebrate a birthday this week.