Confirmation is appropriate for those of any age who are baptized and who are making a mature commitment for the first time.

Reception is for those who have previously made a mature commitment (i.e. adult baptism, confirmation, etc.) in any other Christian Church.

Re-affirmation is for those people who have been baptized and have made a mature commitment of faith and are choosing, for whatever reason, to renew and reaffirm publicly those vows.

Those persons who have been baptized in the Episcopal Church as their mature commitment of faith (i.e. took the vows themselves) do not need to be confirmed or received. (For example: if you baptize a 10 year old, he or she does not need to be confirmed. However, they may make a reaffirmation as part of their formal Christian formation journey in the parish.)

The Cathedral offers a Discovery class and Catechumenate program for young adults and adults to prepare for Confirmation. These classes happen during Fellowship in Faith on Sundays at 10am. “Cathedral Youth” is designed to prepare young adults for confirmation. For more information on these programs, click here.