100th Anniversary of End of World War I

Sunday the 11th marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, also called Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day (in the U.S)., and often referred to as "Poppy Day" for the poppies worn as a sign of remembering the victims of the Great War. At our cathedral we will join with Anglican cathedrals throughout the world in this remembrance with music, sermon, and prayers in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the Anglican Communion and our military families.

On that Sunday, the cathedral will also welcome Kaye Weninger, the President of Operation Democracy. Operation Democracy is a non-profit founded on Long Island after World War II to further the goals of democracy across the world. Ms. Weninger will display artwork from French and American children created for a show in Normandy entitled "Paintings for Peace." Paintings will be displayed in the cathedral tower as well as in the gallery of the Mercer School.