Center for Spiritual Imagination

For over a thousand years, cathedrals have been sites of pilgrimage. They are places of holy hospitality that nourish the soul and spark spiritual insights.

The Center for Spiritual Imagination is dedicated to reimagining this heritage for spiritual seekers in our contemporary American context. Through a rich variety of innovative gatherings, programs and services, the Center for Spiritual Imagination will be a catalyst for the integration of contemplative prayer and just practice in daily life.

CSI offers connection and exploration opportunities for people in every stage of their spiritual journey. Focused on intergenerational spiritual development, CSI welcomes seekers, committed Christians, agnostics, and those who do not identify with an organized religion.

Bucko photo 214px

The Rev. Adam Bucko

Co-Founder and Director

Sniffen photo 214px

The Very Rev. Dr. Michael Sniffen


Morgan photo 214px

The Rev. Morgan Mercer Ladd


Pic of Kris Vieira

Kris Vieira

Co-Founder and Communications Director