The Choirs of the Cathedral

Our music program, one of the few of its kind in the United States, features singers of all ages and abilities singing the finest sacred music from all periods at the highest level. Choral music has been an integral part of the worship at this Cathedral since it was founded, with the first choir formed and rehearsing even before the completion of the Cathedral building. 


The Choir of Men, Boys & Girls 

This choir sings at the 11:15am Mass every week. It is modeled on the traditional Anglican Cathedral choir using boys and girls who sing soprano, with adult men singing the alto, tenor and bass parts of choir music. The music sung by the choir ranges from the earliest plainsong (chant) to the most contemporary works. 

The Schola Cantorum

The Schola Cantorum was established in 1998 to give adult women an opportunity to participate regularly in the music ministry at the Cathedral. The Schola sings weekly at the 9:30am Family Mass, and sings with the full choir for major events.


The Choirs in the Liturgy

The Cathedral serves as the worship center for a religious tradition which has long placed considerable emphasis on worship and music. As such, the main focus of the work of our choirs is to provide leadership in several liturgies each week during the school year. 

Membership in the Cathedral Choirs

At the heart of our choir program are our boy and girl trebles, whose musical training enables them to sing difficult choral music of all ages at a nearly professional level. Choristers who grow up singing in a program such as ours should have the ability to sing the finest choral music with confidence, skill and good vocal technique. The boy and girl choristers usually rehearse twice per week, and sing weekly in the Cathedral.

Membership opportunities for adult singers involve becoming part of either the mens section of the Choir of Men and Boys or the Schola Cantorum. The Men singers are made up of ex trebles (former boy choristers whose voices have changed) and adult men, who are either professional musicians or well-trained volunteer singers who have the musical skills needed to keep up with the rapid musical pace of the Cathedral Choir.

The Schola Cantorum is a volunteer choir for women singers with past choral experience, and sings a wide variety of challenging, interesting music written for upper voices.

Membership in the Cathedral Choirs is by simple audition. The parents of prospective boy or girl choristers are invited to call Larry Tremsky, at 516.746-2956 ext. 18, or Our singers come from throughout the area, and encompass many different faith traditions.