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All of our community programs are funded in part by our Cathedral Stewards. To learn more about stewardship, visit



Ali Forney Center


The Ali Forney Center is the largest center for LGBT homelessness in the country, assisting some 1,400 youths per year find homes and provides 70,000 meals annually as well as mental health and counseling services. AFC has partnered with the Diocese of Long Island to develop a new 22 bed transitional housing project to compliment a 20 bed emergency housing shelter at the old St. Andrew's Church in Astoria. 

The Cathedral believes in supporting this important work of assisting at-risk youth. Without housing stability, it has been proven that youths' mental and physical health diminish. Many LGBT youths are displaced from their homes and rejected by their families for religious reasons. We aim to help more youth find housing and stability that they might find hope and love and be restored to God through Jesus Christ. 

For information on how you can help, contact the Rev. Andrew Durbidge at



Cheyenne River Episcopal Ministries


Cheyenne River Episcopal Ministries (CREM) us the ministry program of South Dakota to the residents of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. There are nine active congregations spread over the 4,200 square mile reservation with St. John's in Eagle Butte the largest church. The community suffers from endemic problems associated with extreme poverty, such as domestic violence, poor nutrition, education difficulties and a very high rate of youth suicide. The Rev. Margaret Watson and the Rev. Mikayla Dunfee are the only priests serving this ministry with extensive pastoral needs. 

The Cathedral continues to support CREM both financially and in prayer as they seek to bring the love, justice and hope of Jesus Christ to this community in such great need. Individual parishioners have been supporting CREM's alms fund which provides food for the feeding program at St. John's and other needs of the community. We hope to offer the priests and community members a place of respite when the new diocesan guesthouse is operational. 

For information on how you can help, contact the Rev. Andrew Durbidge at



Interfaith Nutrition Network


The Cathedral of the Incarnation supports The INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) in service, awareness and fundraising through serving meals at the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen in Hempstead, collecting toiletry "Easter Baskets" in spring and backpacks and school supplies in the fall; and creating fundraising awareness events benefiting the guests of The INN. 

Much in the Christian tradition centers around food: hospitality, the Eucharist, fellowship and feeding those in need. From these traditions, a new Cathedral ministry effort was born. 

"INNcarnation" Fundraising Events

The Cathedral is partnering with local restaurants to raise money for The INN.

The first INNcarnation event will be sponsored by Walk Street restaurant - a brunch in The Cathedral undercroft on Sunday November 5th at 1pm. Tickets are $75 and must be bought in advance. They can be purchased electronically at:  All proceeds go directly to The INN. 

The second INNcarnation event will be a cocktail reception following our Twelfth Night concert on Sunday, January 7th. Details to follow.